Dearborn Dirt

Dearborn Dirt

July 23rd – July 29th

Garden Center Specials

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4.5” Annuals                                         $4.29            $1.99            $2.30

4.5” Geraniums                                    $4.29            $1.99            $2.30

8” Pots                                             $12.99           $9.99 or 3 for $24.99
(Marigolds, Zinnia, Vinca, Annual Rudbeckia)

4 ½” Spikes                                           $4.29            $0.99            $3.30

Ornamental Grasses

Give your garden four seasons of interest with low-maintenance ornamental grasses. Ornamental grasses include short, ground covers, as well as tall, stately specimens. Colors of ornamental grasses range from bright green to golden yellow, and from muted green to silvery-blue. Variegated grasses can be striped horizontally or vertically, speckled or blotched.  Ornamental grasses add height to planting areas without the heaviness of shrubs and serve as accents to the brighter colors of flowers. They can also be massed together for a natural effect.  Ask our Garden Center associates for the best varieties for your garden.  Happy planting!


50% OFF

  • ALL Evergreens including:
    Arborvitaes, Laurels, Camellias & Boxwoods
  • Ornamental & Shade Trees (excluding Crape Myrtle)
  • Azaleas & Rhododendrons
  • Flowering Tropicals (10” or larger)
  • Spring Flowering Shrubs (excluding PG Hydrangeas)
  • ALL Roses
  • Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes

30% OFF

  • Cement Containers & Statuary
  • Large Pottery ($49.99 & up)
  • Wrought Iron CoCo Baskets & Window Box Planters
    (stock up for Fall & next Spring planting)