Dearborn Dirt

Dearborn Dirt

September 17th – September 23rd

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●  Ornamental Grass ● All Perennials
● ALL Deciduous Shrubs

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●  Wrought Iron CoCo Baskets & Window Box Planters
●  Ornamental & Shade Trees
(excluding Crape Myrtle & Hydrangea)
●  Colocasia ● Alocasia
●  Cement Containers & Statuary
●  Crape Myrtles ● All Hydrangeas

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• Selected Flowering Tropicals
• Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes
• ALL Roses • Fish & Pond Plants
• 5-6’ Emerald Green Arborvitaes
• Large Pottery (single pot $99.99 & up)

September To-Do

A few things for your September Fall Gardening To-Do List!

Towards the middle of the month – plant pansies and violas. Buy bulbs before the ones you want are sold out, but wait until the temperatures cool down before planting them.

Cut back any hibiscus, or other tropical plants, and move them into some shade on the porch.

Sow seeds to grow lettuce, spinach, arugula and radishes and other cool weather vegetables.

As the season closes, the tomatoes that won’t ripen on the vine can be harvested to ripen indoors or used in recipes. Pick those and start the clean-up of the veggie patch, pulling spent crops. Be sure to gather all plant debris—stem, leaf and fruit bits.

Fertilize your lawn.

Switch out and replant garden containers with mums and cabbages.


Happy Fall!