Weekly Specials

Every week, we pick new items to highlight. Check out this page every week to see what’s on sale at Dearborn!

May 28th – June 23rd

California Peaches & Nectarines

Sale $1.49 lb..   Save $0.50 lb. w/Rewards Card

Red Seedless Grapes

Sale $1.69 lb.    Save 0.50 lb. w/Rewards Card

Tomatoes on the Vine

Sale $1.49 lb.

Romaine Hearts 3 pk

Sale  $2.99 ea.

Cherry Tomatoes  10.5 oz pkg

Sale $2.99 ea.

LeRouge Peppers

Sale $1.99 lb.

Fresh Green Squash or Purple Eggplant

Sale $1.49 lb.

Boar’s Head Low Sodium Ham

Sale  $8.99 lb.  Save $1.00 lb.

Boar’s Head Everroast Chicken

Sale  $8.99 lb.  Save $1.00 lb.

Boars Head Bologna Wide or Narrow

Sale $5.99 lb.  Save $1.00 lb.

Boars Head American Cheese (Yellow/White)

Sale  $7.29 lb.  Save $1.30 lb.

Castello Aged Havarti (7oz pkg)

Sale  $6.99 ea. Save $1.00 ea.

Cranberry Stilton

Sale  $15.99 lb.  Save $1.00 lb.

“New” Buffalo Milk Mozzarella (8.8 oz)

Sale  $8.99 lb.   Save $1.00 lb.

Bone-In Center Cut Pork Chops

Sale  $4.49 lb.  Save $0.50 lb.

Certified Angus Beef Bone-In Shell Steak

Sale  $10.99 lb. Save $5.00 lb.

Fresh Sea Scallops

Sale $17.99 lb.  Save $5.00 lb.

Alaskan Cod Fillet

Sale  $6.99 lb.  Save $2.00 lb

Chicken Noodle Soup

Sale  $7.99 lb.  Save $1.00 ea.

Stuffed Breads

Sale  $8.99 – $9.99 ea.

4 piece Grilled Chicken

Sale  $5.99 ea.

Coffee: Golden Pecan Coffee

Sale  $9.99 lb.  Save $2.00 lb.

  • 12 oz. $1.00
  • 16 oz. $1.25
Store Made Chocolate Chip Scones

Sale  $1.99 ea.  Save $0.50 ea.

Store Made Tea Cakes

Sale $3.99 ea.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Sale  $3.99 ea.

Dearborn Farms Local Honey

Sale  $7.99 ea.  Save $2.00 ea.

Nothing Water (6 pack)

Sale  2 for $5   Save $0.50 ea.

Le Prince Organic Preserves

Sale  $3.99 ea.   Save $1.00 ea.

Coco Lite Pop Cakes

Sale  2 for $5.00

B&G Relish

Sale  $0.99 ea.   Save $0.30 ea.   w/Rewards Card

Knorr Soup & Dip Mix

Sale  $0.99 ea.    Save $0.70 ea.  w/Rewards Card

Angie’s Boom Chicka Popcorn

Sale  2 for $5.00   Save $0.58 ea. w/Rewards Card

Egglands Best Large

Sale $2.59 ea.   $0.90 ea.  w/Rewards Card

Oscar Mayer Bacon

Sale $5.39 ea.   Save $1.90 ea.   w/Rewards Card

Kozy Shack Pudding

Sale  $2.51 ea.   Save $1.18 ea. w/Rewards Card

Organic Valley Grassmilk Yogurt

Sale  $4.49 ea.  Save $0.50 ea. w/Rewards Card

Egglands Best Cooked Eggs

Sale  $3.49 ea. Save $0.50 ea. w/Rewards Card

Health Ade Kombucha

Sale  $3.74 ea. Save $2.00 ea. w/Rewards Card

Stonyfield 6 pack

Sale  $3.72 ea. Save $0.67 ea. w/Rewards Card

Stonyfield Squeezers

Sale  $4.02 ea. Save $0.67 ea. w/Rewards Card

Cia Bella Sorbet or Gelato

Sale $4.48 ea.    Save $0.51 ea.   w/Rewards Card

Super Pretzel

Sale $3.55 ea.    Save $0.44 ea.   w/Rewards Card

Haagen Dazs

Sale $4.08 ea.    Save $0.41 ea.   w/Rewards Card


$15.99 per person
BBQ Ribs, Half BBQ Chicken, baked beans, Cole Slaw, butter dipped Corn on the cob and freshly baked Corn Bread