Weekly Specials

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December 4th – December 10th

Green Asparagus

Sale $2.49 lb.   Save $0.50 lb.  w/Rewards Card

Florida Tangerines & Clementines

Sale $4.99 ea.   Save $2.00 ea.  w/Rewards Card

Red & Black Grapes

Sale $1.49 lb.   Save $0.50 lb.  w/Rewards Card

Organic Bananas

Sale  $0.69 lb.  Save $0.10 lb. w/Rewards Card


Sale  $0.49 lb.  Save $0.10 lb. w/Rewards Card

Sweet Cantaloupes

Sale  3 for $5.00

Imported Cherries

Sale  $4.99 lb.

Juicy Pomegranates

Sale 3 for $5.00

Golden Pineapples

Sale $2.99 ea.

Boar’s Head  Genoa Salami

Sale  $7.99 lb.  Save $1.00 lb.

Boar’s Head  Honey Maple Turkey

Sale  $9.49 lb.  Save $0.50 lb.

Boars Head Low Sodium Chicken

Sale   $8.99 lb.  Save $1.00 lb.

Boars Head Pepper Jack Cheese

Sale  $6.49 lb.  Save $1.50 lb.

Hollandase Chevre

Sale  $12.99 lb. Save $5.00 lb.

New Zealand Vintage Cheddar

Sale  $7.99 ea.  Save $2.00 ea.

Parrano Aged Gouda

Sale  $10.99 lb.  Save $5.00 lb.

Chocolate Cherry Goat Logs

Sale  $5.99 ea.  Save $1.00 ea.

Cheese Boards (serves 2-4)

Sale  $12.99 ea.  

Grass Fed Ground Sirloin

Sale  $2.99 lb.  Save $4.00 lb.  w/Rewards Card

Grass Fed Sirloin Patties

Sale  $2.99 lb.  Save 4.00 lb.  w/Rewards Card

Angus Top Round Roast

Sale  $3.99 lb.  Save $3.00 lb.

Pork Spare Ribs

Sale  $2.49 lb.  Save $2.50 lb.  w/Rewards Card

Cod Fillet

Chicken Noodle Soup

Sale  $7.99 lb.  Save $1.00 ea.

4 Piece Fried Chicken Dinner

Sale  $4.99 ea. Save $1.00 ea.

Store made Macaroni & Cheese (18 oz. pkg)

Sale  $7.99 ea.  

Coffee:  German Chocolate Cake Decaf

Sale  $11.99 lb.  Save $2.00 lb.

  • 12 oz. $1.00
  • 16 oz. $1.25

Store made Cranberry Scone

Sale  $1.99 ea.  Save $0.50 ea.

Tiramisu Squares

Sale  $4.99 ea.  

Dearborn Farms Local Honey

Sale  $7.99 ea.  Save $2.00 ea.

Nothing Water (6 pack)

Sale  2 for $5   Save $0.50 ea.

Le Prince Organic Preserves

Sale  $3.99 ea.   Save $1.00 ea.

Alessi Risotto

Sale  $2.49 ea.     Save $0.30 on 2 w/Rewards Card

Dare Breton Crackers

Sale  2 for $4.00     Save $0.98 ea. w/Rewards Card

DeNigris Balsamic Vinegar

Sale  $5.99 ea.  Save $1.50 ea. w/Rewards Card

Domino Sugar

Sale  $1.99 ea.  Save $0.49 ea. w/Rewards Card

Garofalo Pasta

Sale  $0.99 ea.   Save $1.00 ea.  w/Rewards Card

Gold Medal Flour

Sale  $1.99 ea.   Save $0.69 ea   w/Rewards Card

Milton Multigrain Crackers

Sale  $2.89 ea.   Save $0.30 ea.  w/Rewards Card

Poland Spring Water

Sale  3  for 10.00     Save $3.47 on 3

Tate’s Bake Shop Cookies

Sale  3 for 9.99     Save $1.80 on 3

Skim Plus Milk

Sale $3.99 ea.  Save $0.50 ea. w/Rewards Card

Egglands Large Eggs

Sale $3.19 ea.  Save $0.69 ea. w/Rewards Card

Daisy Sour Cream

Sale $3.09 ea.  Save $0.40 ea. w/Rewards Card

Farmers Hen Organic Eggs

Sale $5.69 ea.  Save $1.30 ea. w/Rewards Card

Egglands Best Large Eggs

Sale $3.19 ea.  Save $0.60 ea. w/Rewards Card

Polly O Ricotta

Sale $4.59 ea.  Save $2.00 ea. w/Rewards Card

Land O Lakes Butte

Sale $4.09 ea.  Save $1.80 ea. w/Rewards Card

Halo Top Ice Cream

Sale $3.49 ea. Save $2.00 ea. w/Rewards Card

Newman’s Own Pizza

Sale $3.99 ea. Save $1.70 ea. w/Rewards Card

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Sale $3.59 ea. Save $0.87 ea. w/Rewards Card

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