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June 16 – June 22

June is Perennial Month

June is a month when gardeners and we at Dearborn Market celebrate perennial plants. And there are so many to enjoy!

Perennials are wonderful in the landscape because they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The secret to having a good perennial garden is to choose the right plant for your location and needs.

Some perennials never have to be touched, while others require frequent editing, dividing, or other maintenance. A few perennials flower for a very short time while others stay in bloom for a month or more. There are plants that will live for years and others that are labeled “perennial” that only last a year or two in the garden. And, some thrive in sunny locations but not in shade, and others have just the opposite requirements. In order to help choose a plant that will do best for you, ask a garden center associate for help.

Daylilies – If there’s a “sure bet” perennial, it must be the daylily. They thrive and tolerate a wide variety of soil conditions, are not troubled by diseases or pests, and bloom for years with virtually no attention.

Hosta One of the most commonly grown shade garden plants, hostas have captured the hearts of gardeners everywhere. These plants have a diverse offering of foliage shapes, colors and sizes. There is truly a hosta for everyone, whether it be a miniature hosta for a trough garden or a mammoth monster of a plant to fill up a big space under a shade tree.

$10.00 OFF Azaleas & Rhododendrons

Good from June 16th – June 22nd

Ornamental Grasses

Give your garden four seasons of interest with low-maintenance ornamental grasses. Ornamental grasses include short, ground covers, as well as tall, stately specimens. Colors of range from bright green to golden yellow, and a muted green to silvery-blue. They add height to planting areas without the heaviness of shrubs and serve as accents to the brighter colors of flowers. Ask our Garden Center associates for the best varieties for your garden.

Children’s Summer Workshops

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