Dearborn Dirt – June 17th – June 23rd

Dearborn Dirt

June 17th – June 23rd

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Container Gardening

For those thinking of beautifying your porch, deck, yard or anywhere else let’s talk container gardening! With container gardening, not only do you get the beautiful flowers but you also get to choose your own patio pot to fit your outdoor décor.  And what better time than now because we have a great 20% discount on “Big Pots” $50 or more going on this week?!

Once you find the perfect patio pot, pick up some potting soil and a fertilizer which is necessary to keep those blooms healthy and flourishing. We recommend Espoma Organic potting soil and Miracle Grow and Osmocote fertilizer

So now the fun part, choosing your plants! The first thing you should think about is where the container is going and how much sunlight it is going to get. Full sun is at least six full hours of direct sunlight. Part Sun/Shade is about three to six hours of sun every day.

An appealing container should have something tall, something medium and something short or cascading. We suggest that if you are going to see the planter from all sides you should place the tallest plant in the middle then the medium size around that and so on. If it’s going to be up against something place the tallest to the back and work forward. Choose colors that you like or ones that compliment your existing structures. Maintaining your containers is key to long lasting summer color. Trim the plants to encourage new growth at the base and removing spent flowers will ensure new buds to grow!

Here’s a beautiful and colorful idea!  This one will attract attention by using bold colors and tropical plants. Here, a tree-form hibiscus adds even more appeal.

This container grows best in full sun.

A. Hibiscus
B. Ornamental grass
C. Salvia
D. New Guinea impatiens



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