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June 3rd – June 9th


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Water Plants

Water or aquatic plants are widely considered the best way to enhance water features. There is a water plant for virtually every type of water feature, from the smallest tabletop fountains to multi-level streams and expansive ponds. The type of water plant that will best suit your landscape is largely determined by your requirements, as well as the growing characteristics of each plant.  We carry a wide variety some of which are listed below.  Ask an associate for help picking one or two out.

Water Hyacinth A jewel in the water garden but invasive in waterways, water hyacinth is a pond fish’s best friend, providing shelter and feeding area. Rosettes of glossy green leaves float leisurely across a pond, gradually covering the surface and sending down thick roots that shelter fish.

Water Lilies – They contribute to pond water balancing as they shade the water surface and prevent too much sunlight from penetrating the water to feed algae. Place water lilies in the deep part of the pond with 12″ to 18″ of water over the tops of the containers. Water lilies grow best in very still water; locate them away from waterfalls and spray heads.

Water Clover – These look lucky and live up to its name because of its floating leaves. This versatile plant thrives in just about any water garden, even in shade, making it a great choice for beginning water gardeners.

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