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May 6th – May 12th    

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8” Petunia Baskets ‘Million Bells’: $9.99 ea.
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4-5’ Forsythia: $14.99 ea.
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$5 OFF all Roses including David Austin Roses
A beautiful Mother’s Day Gift!  With coupon in the May Almanac


Azaleas may be the perfect landscape plant. Their evergreen foliage is useful for any number of applications from foundation plantings to natural settings. Plant them in drifts to fill large spaces or individually for a pop of color. Choose from shade tolerant or sun loving varieties. Another point to consider is bloom color. Some azaleas have strong flower colors and others are fairly neutral. A good strategy here is to blend with the neutrals if you already have lots of strong colors in your landscape; or to accent with the stronger colors if you need to add a little zing. Mixing multiple colors can work very well also.  The most effective ways to add multiple colors include layering groupings of individual colors, and separating the colors into different “views” throughout the landscape.  Our garden center has a few varieties including Bloom- A-Thon and Autumn Sangria. Ask a Dearborn associate for help picking out the best azalea for your landscape.

Your Crape Myrtle

If you’re worried about your crape myrtle because you don’t see any leaves, let us explain.  First thing, be patient, they are extremely late without leaves and have branches that feel dead until late spring.  Most people think they are dead.  A good rule of thumb is to expect them to leaf out in late May.  When that plant makes its comeback, new growth may come from the branches or the ground if the winter was bad.  Branches that do not leaf out should be pruned. If you don’t see anything coming up from the ground or from the branches by mid to late June, then chances are your crape myrtle didn’t make it and it’s time to come see us for a new one.  We have some coming in after Mother’s Day and our garden center associates will be happy to help.