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8” Petunia Baskets ‘Million Bells’: $9.99 ea.
Reg. $14.99 ea.

4-5’ Forsythia: $16.99 ea.
Reg. $21.99 ea.

$2.00 OFF 6″ Geraniums
Reg. $7.99 ea.  with coupon in the May Almanac

About Baskets

If you are looking for the simplest way to create a full and fabulous garden, look no further than the hanging basket. Chock full of healthy, flowering plants, Dearborn has a myriad of colors and varieties. Choose from Geraniums to Petunias to Boston Ferns and everything in between. They add a little something extra to the garden by bringing a pop of color up to eye level. Add brackets to your fence posts or use shepherd hooks to add flowering color along stretches of fence line or in front of screening plants such as arborvitae and Leyland cypress. Hooks between posts on a porch are also a great place to add color or the graceful look of a Boston fern.  Ask about our wide selection of hanging baskets – below are a few we carry and some long standing favorites.

Even though they’re old-fashioned, Geraniums are still a top pick for hot, sunny spots, and they mix well with just about everything. No wonder they’re tried-and-true favorites.

The cousin of the petunia, Million Bells, won’t tucker out when the temperatures rise. All they need is moist soil and a full day of sun to keep your hanging baskets vibrant. They blossom nonstop and gracefully spill over the sides of your basket.

Petunias have always been a classic favorite for hanging baskets.  They come in great variety with single or double blooms, ruffled or smoothed petals, and striped or solid colors. Petunias are tender perennials and are one of the most popular flowers.

Boston Ferns have up to a 3-foot height and spread, and have the triangular-shaped drooping green fronds most people picture when they think of ferns. Boston ferns make excellent hanging basket plants.

Did you know you could also take the plants out of the basket and plant directly in the ground for a beautiful and easy landscape?