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Peonies are HERE!

The Peony has been cultivated in home gardens for over 600 years.  Considering the beauty of the flower and the longevity of the plants, it’s no wonder why they have long been a perennial favorite.  Peony clumps may survive for as long as 50 years, so it’s best to prepare the growing site very thoroughly before planting.

Peonies grow and flower best in full sun, but will tolerate some light afternoon shade. They are not overly fussy as to the soil, but will definitely benefit from the addition of organic material. Dearborn recommends lobster compost and Bio-tone Starter when first planting and Triple Phosphate as your peony or any perennial becomes established.  Other than that, they need good drainage and a soil pH that is only slightly acidic.  Peonies should be planted away from large trees or shrubs because they will compete for root space and nutrients, resulting in the size & quantity of the flowers being reduced.

The peony is outrageously beautiful in bloom in springtime—with lush foliage all summer longWe have some beautiful peonies including the below varieties and more.  Just ask a garden center associate for help in picking the best one for you.

Karl Rosenfeld: Ruffled, red double blooms look like fluffy petticoats in full swing. You’ll want to really show them off―in white ceramic vases in an all-white living room, perhaps? Plants bloom in mid- to late spring and grow 1 1/2 – 2’ tall and 2 – 3’ wide

Sarah Bernhardt: Huge, pink double blooms resemble old-fashioned roses; they’re fragrant too. Sturdy, erect stems make them great for cutting, or leave the blooms on the plant as pretty backdrops for spring bulbs

Shirley Temple: Gorgeous double blooms with hints of rose will have you swooning through ‘Shirley Temple’s bloom season

Sorbet: An irresistible, triple-decker peony with alternating layers of candy pink and cream. Considered one of the best peonies for cutting, with strong stems that hold the flowers well. Deliciously fragrant. Blooms midway in the peony season.