Dearborn Dirt April 1st – April 7th

Dearborn Dirt Dirt!

April 1st – April 7th   

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Planting your Spring Garden….Finally!

Now that the days are becoming slightly longer, it’s time to dig into the dirt and start planning the eternally anticipated Spring garden. Perennials offer a wide range of diversity, from the amount of sunlight they prefer to bloom time. Perennials establish well and grow quickly when you take the time to prepare soil and plant carefully.  Here are some varieties Dearborn offers and their details.

  • Hellebores produce spring flowers of delicate beauty and surprising resilience.
  • Forsythia is a true harbinger of spring, bursting into a vibrant display of golden blooms before any leaf foliage emerges. This can create stunning golden mounds throughout landscapes, breaking up the drab snow-covered ground with a promise of what’s to come.
  • Creeping phlox offers a colorful spring carpet of soft pastel hues & blooms in spring producing long, spreading stems, which become woody with age.

Iberis is a spring blooming favorite, often seen cascading over rocks and walls, or used as a groundcover. The glossy, evergreen foliage forms a billowing mound, with loads of good-sized white flowers for several weeks.



New This Week:


Allium                                     Skip Laurels

Galanthus                               Hellebores

Forsythia                                 Rhododendron

Dianthus                                 Japanese Weeping Cherry Trees

Quince                                    Bellis