Dearborn Dirt – September 23rd – September 29th

Dearborn Dirt

Sept 23rd – Sept 29th

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How to Fix Your Lawn

If your lawn has bare spots due to extreme temperatures, insect or fungal damage, now is the time to seed. Even if your lawn is suffering from weeds this fall, it is best to focus on establishing a strong, healthy lawn first. Jonathan Green’s Fall Magic or Black Beauty Ultra are the perfect grass seed choices for the fall. Be sure that you properly prepare the seed bed before applying. Rake the area with a metal rake to remove dead grass. It will also cut small grooves in the soil to insure good seed-to-soil contact. Apply the grass seed with a spreader and use Green-Up Lawn Food for Seeding & Sodding immediately afterward.

What about Crabgrass?

Ignore the crabgrass this time of year. It is an annual and will die as the weather gets cooler. A great, natural way to curtail crabgrass next spring is to seed in the fall. If you improve the thickness of your lawn now by over-seeding, proper fertilization, and maintaining proper mower height, then you will “crowd out” crabgrass next year.

Garden Center Sale

*while supplies last

75% OFF:

Roses, Butterfly Bushes, Tropicals
Including: Hibiscus, Lantana, Bougainvillea, Mandevilla
(excludes house plants)

50% OFF:

All Trees & Shrubs
Perennials (excluding grasses)
 “Big” Glazed Pots
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Apple Fest

September 29th & 30th
11 am – 4 pm

Store-made apple delicacies, festive music, face painting, petting zoo & hayrides and pumpkin picking will begin.