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In addition, we carry a variety of Gourmet Cheeses perfect for those special occasions.

Roaring 40’s Blue
Spreadable with earthy overtones. A blue favorite
Australian Cheddar
Great sharp flavor! Great price

Chimay Biere
Soft, washed rind, with a hint of beer

Black Diamond Cheddar
Aged 2 years. Extra sharp classic

Danish Blue
Piquant, strong blue flavor. Crumbles well on your favorite salad
Smooth and creamy, mild in flavor. Enjoy this cheese plain, or in one of the different flavors we stock
Havarti Chives
Havarti Dill
Havarti Jalapeno
Havarti Lite
Semi-soft, Aromatic
Applewood Smoked Cheddar
Delightful cheddar flavor under the subtle smokiness
Medium cheddar-type, but dryer texture
Double Glouchester with onions and chives. Creamy with a full, rich flavor
Double Glouchester
Creamy, mellow, with a savoury flavor
Layered combination of Stilton and Glouchester
Sage Derby
A real “green cheese” flavored with sage. St. Patty’s Day favorite
Earthy, Stilton-like. Orange with blue mold
The King of Blues! Earthy, full flavor.
Stilton with Bluberries
White Stilton flavored with bluberries
Stilton with cranberries
White Stilton flavored with cranberries
Farmhouse Cheddar
Deep, rich, cheddar flavor

Alsacian Muenster
Definitely a “stinky” one! Creamy, rich lingering flavor
Bleu de le Quelle
Creamy, spreadable, earthy blue
Brillat Savarin
A delectable, divine, must have triple crème
Great goat cheese. Creamy layer over a crumbly center
Famous French Gruyere. Light, nutty flavor
Delice de Bourgogne
Creamy, full flavored triple crème
Creamy, mellow, sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrenees. Melts well
Lovely, petite, triple cream gem. Light and creamy
Fromage d’Affinois
Creamiest double cream Brie. Delicious with fig jam
Le Chevrot
Earthy, goaty, tang. Creamy, crumbly, French goat cheese
Creamy, aromatic, distinctive layer of ash
Port Salut
Creamy, mild, Trappist cheese
Pétit Basque
Sophisticated French Sheep’s milk with a subtle fruitiness and a sweet lingering taste
Tome Pyrenees
Creamy, flavorful, Havarti-type table cheese
Tomme de Savoie
Subtle, with a lingering fruity finish. A perfect Brunch cheese
Societe Bee Roquefort
Raw Sheep’s milk, crumbly, intense French Blue
Camembert Chatelain
Brie-type, slightly firmer with a buttery, grassy flavor
Brie Coronne
Creamy, rich popular Brie
Henri Hutin triple crème. Creamy and delicious
Valbreso Feta
Flavorful feta with a smooth finish available in light and regular

Creamy, buttery, German staple
Bavarian Blue
Triple crème, subtle blue flavor. Delicious
Mirabo with Walnuts
A lovely, creamy, brie doted with chopped walnuts
A hard cheese from the German Alps. Robust, with a pleasant finish. Pair with a fine ale

Mild, slightly salty, low fat content
Beemster Lite Gouda
Less calories, aged 5 months, full, rich Gouda flavor
Beemster with Mustard Seed
Creamy, mild flavor with a delightful little crunch
Vintage 5 year Gouda
Deep dark, caramel flavor with a rich nuttiness
Popular 5 month aged Gouda. Smooth with a subtle nuttiness
Prima Donna
Aged to perfection – 17 months. Nutty and caramelly with a lovely sweet finish
Creamy, all time favorite
Smoked Gouda
Smokey and creamy

Dryer texture with a buttery, pleasant finish
Unique combined flavor of Cheddar and Reggiano
Irish Swiss
Nutty, popular Swiss
Irish Cheddar
Aged, full flavored Cheddar
Cheddar with Porter
Cheddar marbled with Guinness beer. Deep, rich, flavor

Asiago d’Allevo(aged)
Savory, rich spicy flavor with a hint of toffee.
Asiago Fresco
Young, soft Asiago. Pleasant table cheese with a milder Asiago flavor
Aurrichio Provolone
Dryer, extra sharp. An antipasto must
Dry, sharp, with a mellow finish
Cacio De Roma
Creamy, mild, Roman sheep’s milk cheese. Light fruity finish
Delectable, soft and creamy cow and sheep’s milk small round
Famous Pecorino, both sweet and salty
Creamiest Fontina. Great melting cheese
Gorgonzola Dolce
Creamy, earthy, spreadable blue favorite
La Tur
Cow, goat and sheep combination. Creamy with a rich, flavorful tang
Locatelli Romano
Hard sheep’s milk cheese. Perfect for pasta
Mild, sweet, Tuscan sheep’s milk cheese.

Cana de Cabra
Creamy goat cheese with a crumbly center. Mild with a pleasant tang
Drunken Goat
Smooth, semi-firm goat cheese bathed in red wine.
Manchego style, milder blend of cow, goat and sheep. Spanish table cheese
Smooth and tangy goat cheese with a lovely lingering finish
Popular aged Sheep’s milk cheese. Flavor intensifies with age.
Rosey Goat
Semi-hard goat cheese covered with rosemary

Smooth and creamy. American favorite
Full flavor, cheddar-like cheese. Slightly porous with a hint of caraway

Smooth with a nutty, fruity, finish
The original “Swiss” cheese. Mild, slightly, nutty flavor
Classic, nutty table cheese. Great, flavorful melting cheese. Fondue favorite
Creamy, fruity, traditionally melted and served with meats and vegetables
Swiss Fondue
Prepacked combination of Gruyere and Emmentaler. Heat and serve

Buffalo Wing Cheese
This is a hot one, from Yancey’s Fancy
Buttermilk Blue
Creamy blue with a smooth, piquant finish
Cabot Cheddars
Choose from wide variety of the popular favorite
Creamy, spreadable, domestic goat cheese
Great taco topper
Calkins Creamery Gouda brined in Pale Nevada Ale
Horseradish Cheddar
Full horseradish flavor from Yancey’s Fancy
Humboldt Fog
Award winning California goat cheese. Creamy, crumbly, unique layer of ash.
Laura Chenel
Smooth and creamy goat cheeses. Spread on a cracker or use in a salad
Marble Jack
Creamy, colorful, Colby – Jack combination
Monterey Jack
Smooth, medium flavor. Great melter for Mexican food
Monterey Jack with Jalapenos
your favorite Jack with an added kick
Montchevre Goat Cheeses
French inspired Wisconsingoat cheeses. Assorted flavors and sizes
Naturally Good Kosher Cheeses
Assorted flavors of tasty Kosher cheeses
New York State Cheddars
Sharp white and yellow flavors from Great Lakes
Pastured Paulin
New, from Calkins Creamery. Subtle complexity with an amazing finish
Saga Blue
Mild, creamy, spreadable blue
Stella Asiago
Aged over one year. Sharp, robust flavor
Stella Fontinella
Semi-hard cheese not as sharp as provolone
Stella Gorgonzola
Earthy flavor with a savory finish
Tillamook Cheddars
Medium Kosher to extra sharp cheddars from Tillamook, Oregon
Vampire Slayer
A delightful bite of garlic, onions and paprika,. New, from Calkins Creamery
Yogurt Cheeses
Lower sodium, with a pleasant tang. Plain and Jalapeno

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New Items this Month

  • 12 month Raw Milk Manchego – dipped in Brandy then covered with olive oil and herbs.
  • Smoky Blue Cheese Crumbles – give your salad a new twist!

Highlighted Features

  • Fromage d’Affinais – paired with the Dalmatia Fig Jam is a perfect additi0n to your Mother’s Day Brunch!
  • Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet – the perfect way to celebrate Mom!

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