Fair Mountain Roasters

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Fair Mountain Coffee Roasters

We are thrilled to carry a new line of coffee beans from Fair Mountain Coffee Roasters. Located in nearby Atlantic Highlands, this local business strives to offer the finest Fair Trade/Organic coffees from family-owned farms and co-operatives.

Their Mission:
Fair Mountain Coffee Roasters is an eco-friendly company committed to obtaining the finest coffees from around the world, personally roasting them to bring out their individual characteristics, and providing them to our customers at a fair price, all while helping both coffee communities and our own here at home

Why It’s So Special:

  • All coffees are certified organic, fair trade and part of the Rain Forest Alliance.
  • It is a coffee business that’s good for the farmer, the roaster, the consumer, and the environment.
  • They approach coffee like wine – describing their taste profiles and the contributing substances that make up their flavor. To meet the growing appreciation of these complexities, Fair Mountain Coffee Roasters will strive to supply coffees that exhibit these subtle, rich and favorable qualities.

Can be a lovely addition to anyone of our fruit or specialty baskets

Stop in to try it for yourself on Sat. June 15th